How to Prepare Your Yard for Winter

One of the last things you may think about during the winter season is your yard. Did you know that some simple yard preparation before the winter hits can mean the difference between a lush, green yard and a dry, spotted yard come spring? A few simple decisions can help you protect and even nourish your yard so that it will grow and flourish after the snow melts away. Talk a look at some of our best tips for preparing your yard for the winter:


Mow Your Lawn

Many homeowners make the mistake of halting their mowing too soon. Grass will continue to grow until the ground freezes so keep to a regular schedule until then. As the season gets cooler, drop your lawn mower’s blade to the lowest setting. This will allow more sunlight to reach the grass.


Aerate Your Grass

This will help open up the soil for oxygen, water, and fertilizer to reach the roots and promote a better environment for roots to breathe. Aerating your grass will help prevent soil compaction from excessive traffic and a too-thick layer of thatch and lawn clippings—both of which can suffocate your grass.


Fertilize for Nourishment

Fall is the optimal time to fertilize your yard and provide it with essential nutrients to encourage the roots and to support nutrient growth for next spring. Apply liberally and in an even layer for optimal care.


Care for Your Plants

Take care of your outdoor perennial plants by pruning and cutting back excessive growth regularly. Trimming will encourage healthy growth. Clear debris out to prevent mildew and mold. Renew the mulch around your trees and plants to discourage animals and insects from attacking.


Control Weeds

Weeds flourish in the summer and fall so make sure to cut them off now. Apply a weed killing compound for the most effect weed control. With so many fertilizers on the market, ensure that you find the best fit for your yard so that weeds will not return in the spring.


Rake Those Leaves

It may be tempting to just let the leaves pile up, but if you allow dead leaves to get wet, mat together, and form clumps, it will endanger your grass. It can suffocate your grass and provide a breeding ground for fungal growth.


These simple moves will help you not only protect your yard but will also prepare it for a healthy season after winter. This means less work for you and more time spent relaxing and enjoying the sunshine come spring. For more information on caring for your yard, visit Supreme Lawn and Landscaping today.