Winter Lawn Care and Landscaping Chores

Winter Lawn Care and Landscaping Chores

Many lawn lovers think that the winter is a time when you don’t have to worry about the shape of your yard and landscaping. In reality, there’s a lot you can get done even when temperatures turn cold. While most winter yard projects are on the smaller side, if you’re yearning to get some things done outside, there are things you can definitely focus on.

Shorten Your Shrubs – Now is a good time to trim your shrubs, especially stoloniferous shrubs, evergreens and deciduous trees. Winter is also an ideal time to prune and trim perennial plants like hostas, peonies, daisies and liriope.

Trim the Trees – Be sure to only cut dead branches when you’re trimming your trees. With winter storms, it’s important to look at your trees to make sure there are no dead limbs flailing in the wind because they could become a hazard.

Prevent Weeds – If there’s no snow on the ground, you can lay down pre-emergent weed killers. The sooner you get the pre-emergent down, the less of a chance you’ll see weeds in the spring. Pay close attention to the weed killer you choose. If you’re not sure which kind to get, consult an expert.

Maintain Your Mower – As far as your equipment goes, you can make sure your lawn mower and other maintenance equipment are running properly. Be sure to clean and replace your parts as needed. It’s important to clean the spark plug on your lawn mower and to replace it if it’s having a tough time starting. It’s also important not to leave gasoline in your lawn mower. Any gas remaining after the last mow of the season can gum up your mower’s fuel lines if it’s not used for a longer period of time. If you do leave gas in your mower, be sure to start it at least twice a month to make sure the gas isn’t gumming up.  

Fill the Bare Patches – If you have bare patches in your lawn, you can fill them with grass seed. Be sure to cover the seed with a soil/grass mixture so it can be ready to grow when the weather turns warm.

Remove Dead Leaves – It’s also important to keep leaves off your lawn. Leaves and other debris sit on the surface of your lawn and prevent sunlight from getting to your grass. The less sun your grass receives, the less likely it is to grow when it becomes warmer. That can result in a lawn with dead brown spots, which isn’t an ideal look.


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