Increase Property Value with a Gorgeous Water Feature

Trickling water, sparkling waterfalls, and increased property value—adding a water feature and complementary landscaping can boost your backyard from ordinary to oasis. Whether you choose a subtle fountain or something more dramatic, water features come in a broad range in price and variety, and Supreme can help you bring your ideas to life.

Water Feature

Fantastic Water Features

On the smaller scale, pot fountains and circulating water features can create those relaxing babbling water sounds without breaking the bank. An above-ground water garden makes a beautiful impression, or we can help you design a stone fountain focal point, using the stone of your choosing. Another popular way to integrate water into your garden is to combine sculptural elements with water, using rock-on-rock towers, large urns that spout, or classically inspired Grecian statues.

For a more dramatic look, go for your own stand-alone pond, multi-layered pools that spill, or even a stocked koi pond on your property; you can even add a romantic bridge across it! Some families love their koi ponds for swimming and snorkeling in their own back yard.

At Supreme Lawn & Landscaping, we will work with your space and your design aesthetic to create the perfect water feature for your home, creating a touch of relaxation while adding value to your property.


Complement Your Water Feature with Landscaping

Once you decide how to add water to your outdoor space, you will likely want to complete the look with the proper landscaping. The team at Supreme Lawn & Landscaping can help you decide on plants that will complement your new water feature without taking away focus. There are dozens of aquatic plants that grow either in ponds or around water, like water lilies, irises, sedum, or daylilies. Create a balance of heights and interesting textures to achieve the look you want.


From lily varieties and natural grasses that will complete your pond to delicate flowering accents surrounding your new water feature, let’s build a beautiful outdoor space for your home. Contact Supreme Lawn to get started.