Ensure Healthy Grass Next Season by Preparing Your Lawn in Fall

Taking care of your lawn is actually a year-round responsibility and some of the most important work is done right now. Fall comes with a to-do list in order for a healthy, green lawn to appear in the spring. Keep these tips in mind when preparing your lawn for fall this year!


Mow To The Correct Height

In the fall, continue mowing all the way until the hard frost. However, it is important to keep the grass length around 2.5-3 inches so that it can withstand the winter. Longer blades of grass ensure deeper roots. This will help the plant tolerate dry and cold conditions that often come with the winter. Plus, regular mowing with your blower attachment will chop up leaves while simultaneously mulching the grass.


Fertilize Your Lawn

People tend to fertilize in the spring at the start of the warm season, but it is best to fertilize in the fall. While the blades of grass grow slower with the cool weather in the fall, the roots actually grow faster. A fall application of fertilizer gives the roots the nutrients it needs to develop deep roots that will make your lawn healthier for the next year.


Spread Seeds

Fall is the best time to fill in bald areas of your lawn and plant new grass. This is because the weather conditions are just right for ideal grass growing weather: cooler days, plenty of sun, and a warm, wet ground. Even an existing turf can benefit from overseeding in the fall because a dense lawn is one of the most effective ways to combat weeds. Be sure to plant your grass seed in early to mid-fall so that the plant has time to take root and grow before the snow comes.


While some sites also recommend taking steps like aerating, applying herbicide, or extra watering, the three tips outlined in this article are the most crucial for you to accomplish in the fall. You will be well on your way to a healthy green lawn next year if you spread grass seed, fertilize, and mow to correct height this season.