Supreme Lawn’s Top 4 Snow Removal and De-Icing Tips

When it comes to your business, Supreme Lawn and Landscaping has your snow removal covered.

But when it comes to your home driveway and walkways, you’ll want to use the same care we do. You don’t want snow and ice to get in the way of a great day!

With that in mind, here are some tips for tackling personal snow and ice removal:


1. Be Smart

Spraying a snow melter – usually a liquid magnesium chloride blend – on your driveway before it snows can help melt small amounts and keep it from sticking.

It’ll be tempting to wait until it’s done snowing and shovel it all in one fell swoop. Don’t fall for it – it’ll be more difficult in the long run! Instead, shovel several times as its still storming. It’s much easier to lift two inches of snow than a foot!



2. Treat Shoveling Like Exercise

Shoveling is hard work. Thirty minutes of it and you’ll find yourself burning about 233 calories! So, you’ll want to treat it like such. Warm up your muscles before you go out there, doing some light stretching to get them moving. Drink plenty of water!

Once you’re shoveling, form is key. You may be better off using a lightweight snow pusher rather than a shovel to help reduce the strain on your body and require less bending. Though it’ll be tempting to get a metal shovel to crash through the ice, a plastic one will be lighter and easier to work with.


3. Dress for the Weather

You can throw on a pair of old tennis shoes and a light jacket, but you won’t be comfortable in the elements. Instead, wear insulated boots, fleece-lined pants or long underwear, wool socks and a heavy jacket.  Dress in layers and remove them as you get warm!


4. Think About Traction

It won’t matter that the snow is cleared if your surfaces are still slick! Tackle them with an appropriate de-icer. Rock salt, while harsh, is the most cost-efficient. Magnesium chloride and calcium chloride aren’t as harsh on your plants and concrete and still get the job done, while a non-salt option – urea – works as well.

in the back of your car to help you if you get stuck. It can provide the same traction kitty litterYou’ve also probably heard of keeping sand or at your home. Sprinkle a little over slippery surfaces, or try the fertilizer alfalfa meal.


Tackling the winter snow at your home can be tough. When properly prepared, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently clear the snow and get back to life.

You can rest easy when it comes to your business, knowing Supreme Lawn and Landscaping will have your property de-iced and the snow removed in no time.