There’s Still Time for These Fall and Winter Lawn Projects

Spring and summer might seem like the best times have a green thumb, but fall and winter can be ideal times to tackle some last-minute yard projects and spruce up your curb appeal.

As temperatures drop and holiday decorations begin popping up around town, take time to care for your lawn so that it’s lush, green, and weed-free come spring.

These 3 steps are a great place to start:

Mow Before the Snow

Sure, mowing the lawn might seem trivial given the fact it will soon be blanketed in thick white snow, but cutting your grass before winter is crucial to the health of your lawn come spring.

We suggest trimming it down to 2-3 inches and removing all leaves and debris that may be on top. Leaving your grass long makes it more susceptible to a fungus known as snow mold, which causes dead grass and ugly gray circles.

Clear Out the Garden

Grab your spade and get digging—it’s time to pick which plants blossomed and which ones weren’t meant to be. Fall is the perfect time to remove problem plants because they’re in hibernation and are easier to pull. While you’re at it, fill in your new spaces with flowers that bloom best and grow strongest when planted in the fall.

Keep Watering

Lots of people let up on watering their lawn as summer fades into fall. While it’s true that fall brings more rain, more dew, and less evaporation, it may not be enough to keep roots fully hydrated and healthy. Give your lawn a few last healthy servings of H20 before it’s time to put away the hose. Don’t forget to flush the irrigation system in preparation for winter.

Not all fall lawn projects need to be preparatory in nature, some can be just for fun. Try one of these DIY projects to spruce up your lawn for fall:


Build a Fire Pit

Nothing beats sitting around the fire pit and roasting s’mores with your family and friends while the sun goes down. If you’re not looking to spend a fortune, impress guests with one of these DIY fire pits.

Start Stringing

Stringing lights through your backyard is a super-simple way to add warmth and elegance. Whether you’ve got a pergola to hang lights from or just a small open space, there’s a fun DIY solution for every yard.

Just because it’s getting chilly doesn’t mean your outdoor space is off limits. In fact, now is the perfect time to get outside and get to work. Don’t want to do it yourself or need a little help? Give us a call today and we’ll gladly bring our green thumbs right over.

And once the snow flies, don’t forget that Supreme Lawn & Landscaping is a one-stop shop specializing in zero tolerance commercial, corporate, and industrial snow removal.