Think Spring: Install a Fire Pit In Your Yard

Spring has finally arrived and just like many Minnesotans, we are betting you are excited to start enjoying the outdoors again. You spend a 60-degree day outside, but before you know it, the sun is setting.

Extend the hours enjoying your yard by installing a fire pit. Not only does it provide warmth and light when the evening comes, but there are many other benefits listed below!


At-Home Entertainment

Fire pits are a crowd-pleaser. Everyone loves to gather around the fire pit and roast marshmallows, look up at the stars, and relax. But fire pits are not just for entertaining guests. A cozy fire is also the perfect atmosphere for a romantic evening for two. Cuddle in a blanket and sip some wine. Engage in a deep conversation and have a great time just staying home.


Increased Home Value

Installing a fire pit in your yard can make your home feel more spacious when the outside has a clear intended use. A custom fire pit like the ones designed and installed by Supreme Lawn and Landscaping also adds style and luxury to your home. Most real estate experts agree that adding a fire pit in your yard adds real dollars to the market value of your home.


Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 5.02.02 PM.png


The ambiance of a fire is quite unlike anything else. There are ways you can enhance your fire pit’s ambiance further so it is the ultimate retreat for you and your loved ones. Consider soft outdoor lighting options that do not detract from the natural firelight, but keep the area safely lit at all times.

Instead of plastic chairs or wood stumps, create a stylish seating wall or custom benches to make plenty of room to welcome guests. Also know that with a custom fire pit you can choose every details in style and feel of your design. You can even choose how to want the flame to look – tall or short, thin or wide! The possibilities of a custom fire pit are endless.


Don’t think of installing a fire pit in your backyard as a splurge, think of it as an investment in your home. Call Supreme Lawn and Landscaping to come create a backyard oasis with the warm and cozy ambiance you’ve always wanted!