Outdoor Kitchens: Going Beyond the Grill

If your outdoor space is your happy place – or you want it to be – consider the ultimate in outdoor living: an outdoor kitchen.

Going beyond just a grill and a patio table, these functioning kitchen spaces can include prep space, a refrigerator, an oven, a sink, a fire pit, and yes, even a brick pizza oven. Constructed beautifully to complement your outdoor landscaping, an outdoor kitchen is a place to truly enjoy the beautiful weather as long as possible.

At Supreme Lawn & Landscaping, we have been involved in many Minnesota outdoor kitchens and our customers are always extremely happy with their new addition. Our experienced team is able to be a part of the entire process, from creative design to site analysis, to installation.

Not only are outdoor kitchens great for spending more time with friends and family, they may add value to your home, with ROI estimated at 55%.

Outdoor Kitchen

During the planning process, our customers enjoy choosing the appliances they want to include, from a wine fridge to a fish-cleaning station to a state-of-the-art master grill or smoker. Consider whether you want the space covered overhead with a complete rooftop, a nice pergola, or choose to leave it open; if you do leave it open, make sure your cabinets and all materials can withstand weathering and moisture. Next, we work with our customers to choose the stone or other materials that will coordinate with their home aesthetic and their existing landscape design. Choosing granite, brick, and other stone is not only beautiful, but perfect for withstanding the outdoor setting. Together, we create a beautiful plan for an alternative to being cooped up all summer.

If you’re thinking about adding your own outdoor kitchen, take a look at some of these ideas and stunning examples. If you have ideas you’d like to bounce off of our pros, or wonder about certain possibilities for your particular space, contact us, and you could have your own outdoor kitchen to enjoy before the snow flies again!