Summer Gardening Maintenance Tips

Bring your garden to the next level this July with Supreme Lawn & Landscaping’s gardening maintenance tips.


Trying New Plants

Many gardeners fall into the habit of plating the same plants every summer. We are not advising to throw away your favorite blossoms, but try planting something new this July. Variety is the spice of life, and that goes for your garden, too. Add new colors and add new scents. Even if this is out of your comfort zone, you may be surprised—you might like it!


Protecting Flowers and Crops

It’s time to start protecting your flowers and crops from pesky rabbits and deer. Nothing is more of a nuisance than the local wildlife getting to enjoy the fruits (and flowers) of your hard work. Lightweight plastic netting is a good way to keep animals away, while still allowing pollinating insects through. The netting is also difficult to see at a distance, so you can still enjoy the view.


Protecting Your Garden From the Heat

As July has been heating up, gardens have been drying out. Being attentive to your garden during a heat wave is important for its survival. One way to fight the heat is to eliminate your garden’s competitors for water and picking weeds. Placing mulch can help by not only controlling weeds, but also retaining moisture and regulating soil temperature. When you know that it’s going to be an especially hot day, get ahead of the heat by watering in the early morning. Water just enough to keep the soil moist and water more frequently throughout the day.



Freshen up the Area

One way to highlight your garden area is to eliminate visual distractions. Make sure your garden area is tidy by cleaning pots and plant containers, replacing the water in your bird bath, and spraying down patio furniture. Cleanliness always makes a good impression.


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