Simple Ways to Decorate Your Lawn for Fall

We know how much a pristine, well cared for yard means to you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring vibrant Autumn colors to your front door this fall. With a few quick and easy lawn and porch décor ideas, your home will be festive, warm, and welcoming.

Whether you’re going for something spooky or a modern feel to last the season, there’s a look that’s right for you.

Hang Garland

Hang a garland of magnolia leaves around your entrance to instantly make your home warm and inviting. Intertwine oranges, reds, and greens to make your entryway pop.

Fall Gourds

Get Gourdy

Gourds and pumpkins are the perfect accessories for fall. Mix and match the two along your walkway and porch to bring color and life to your home. Feeling extra crafty? Interlace them with greens, like ivy, for an added color pop.

Incorporate Hay

Display a small bale of hay on your front porch and top it with pumpkins, dried colorful corn, or any other decorations you have lying around. It also comes in handy as the perfect seat to greet trick or treaters.

Light Up with Pumpkin Votives

Jack-o-lanterns are great porch additions, but sometimes carving the ultimate design can be tough. Opt for a painted design, like stripes or polka dots, for a simple pumpkin votive that looks great the whole season.

Welcome with Wreaths

Wreaths aren’t just a Christmas decoration. Make your front door warm and welcoming by hanging a wreath of bright fall leaves and vibrant greenery.

Fall Mums

Mummify Your Yard

Mums are the ultimate fall flower and come in a variety of beautiful colors. Place them in a red wagon, directly on your porch, or plant them in a pumpkin to create a “mumkin.”

Sign it Out

Grab a large piece of reclaimed wood and paint your favorite fall saying on it. Either hang it from your door or perch it up against the side of your house surrounded by pumpkins and flowers.

Rock Away

Nothing beats a fall day on the porch, rocking away in a chair, under a plaid blanket, with hot cocoa in hand. Don’t have a rocking chair? No problem! Toss throw blankets and seasonal pillows on any outdoor furniture for a quick and easy décor solution.   

While you’re in the festive spirit, don’t forget to check out or best fall lawn care tips to ensure your grass is lush, green, and healthy come spring. Happy decorating – and have a spooky Halloween!